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Govt. High School Sargana is located in Tehsil Mailsi District Vehari. The Distance of the School from Mailsi City is near about 15kilometer. We have qualified and experienced M.A/ MSc/M.Cs and M.Ed teaching staff. School is well equipped with latest N-computing I.T Lab fully functional and working with IT teacher (Muhammad Shakeel Babar). Teaching of computer education is must for each and every student of the school.
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Govt. High School Sargana, Tehsil Mailsi District Vehari
Govt. High School Sargana, Tehsil Mailsi District Vehari
Mouza Sargana Tehsil Mailsi District Vehari Mailsi, Pakistan
Contacts:  03016579476, 03025911911

Principal Message

Quality Education and Personal Excellence

Shabbir Hussain


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah

 We welcome back to Govt. H/S Sargana Tehsil Mailsi District Vehari. Since Sargana’s mission statement is “Quality Education and Personal Excellence” we strive daily to reflect on it. While focusing on how the school teaches students the basic principles of Islam to strengthen their faith and identity, we also focus on providing with them quality education in all subject areas of the curriculum.


In our efforts to continue maintaining high standards of excellence, we rely on the support of parents/guardians and students. This requires giving a higher priority to the concept of accountability. We all must be held accountable for the important role we play in educating the next generation. GHS Sargana is a wonderful school where all staff members understand the sacrifice they must make to help students succeed. I believe that all students, parents, teachers, administrators at large must join in assuming responsibility for students' success. We are working in the school to ensure that our expectations for learning and behavior are consistent. The teachers in each of the grade levels work closely together to ensure consistency in expectations. For motivating our learning and reminding students of our expectations. The children know that every adult in the school is responsible for every child and that we all need to treat one another with dignity and respect. All of our efforts will lead to learning opportunities that are current, challenging, relevant, and meaningful for our children.

I hope that you will visit our school, volunteer in different activities, attend parent-teacher conferences and request meetings when needed. I believe students learn best when they are a part of a positive and nurturing environment that involves efforts from school, home, and the community.       (انشا ء اللہ) our goals this year include:

1-       Positive relationship-building with our students, families, community, and staff

2-       Provide a positive and supportive school climate

3-      Promote high expectations and improve student achievement in all areas

4-      Continue promoting high expectations, especially in literacy, numeracy, Qur’an reading, Islamic Studies and Arabic

5-      Promote, model, and encourage good character, leadership, problem-solving abilities, mutual respect, and social responsibility taking our beloved Prophet Mohamed (s) as a role model

6-      Integrate Smart technology in classroom instruction

7-      Promote good work habits such as punctuality, wearing proper uniform and doing school Homework regularly.

Please join us in our efforts to provide our children with an outstanding educational experience. I look forward to working with you and your child to ensure (انشا ء اللہ) an outstanding learning experience!

Your’s sincerely.

Malik Shabbir Hussain



E-mail Address:  hmghssargana@gmail.com

 Dated: 31-05-2016
 Admission is open
 Dated: 30-06-2015
 Mr. Waheed Murad student of 10th Class for the Session...
 Dated: 30-06-2015
 Mr. Waheed Murad student of 10th Class for the Session...